Conservation Klondike Society -
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Conservation Klondike Society (CKS) is a charitable, non-profit organization run by a volunteer board of directors.

Conservation Klondike Society
PO Box 365 Dawson City,
Yukon, Canada, Y0B 1G0
(867) 993-6666

Major Funding Sources:

Environment Canada
City of Dawson
Yukon Government


The mandate of CKS is to promote the conservation of our resources, educate the public about the environmental and social costs of excessive consumption, develop and operate a recycling depot and promote cultural, educational, recreational and wilderness values of the region.

We aim to demonstrate and facilitate ways in which people can moderate their habits to help create a sustainable community.


Conservation Klondike Society (CKS) was originally formed in 1992 by a diverse group of Dawson City residents who realized the need for promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.  CKS began operating a recycling depot in downtown Dawson in the same year. Eventually, CKS became involved in a partnership with the City of Dawson to run the recycling depot at the Quigley landfill.

Due to changes in circumstances, volunteers were no longer able to sustain CKS, and the board was reduced to a few faithful members who ensured that the recycling depot continued to run.  In 2006 CKS was revived by a new group of volunteers who had the same passion and drive to create a sustainable lifestyle within Dawson City.  CKS is now actively involved in a number of dynamic projects and activities, including education and outreach programs.