Conservation Klondike offers recycling facilities in Dawson at the Downtown Depot and Quigley Landfill. You will also find a number of our recycling wheelie bins situated around Dawson.

Download Household Recycling Guide
Download Household Recycling Guide
Download Paper Recycling Guide
Download Paper Recycling Guide


  • Please make sure your recycling is rinsed and clean.
  • We cannot recycle containers that are not empty.
  • We are currently operating a commercial paper & RECYCLING pick-up service., please contact us for more details. Paper can be dropped off at the depot – please sort.
  • Motor oil containers are not recyclable.
  • Styrofoam is NOW recyclable.
  • Clothes and other used items can be dropped off at the landfill FREE STORE – we do not accept these items at the depot.
  • Avoid using Tetra packs – there is currently no market for tetra packs and the are hard to separate the materials from. These items just end up being used as windrows in the Whitehorse landfill.


  • A municipal compost is now available at the landfill. Composting can divert up to 50% of waste from the landfill. Please note — ONLY compostable (not biodegradable) bags can go in compost.What can you put in community compost?
    Food scraps, teabags and coffee filters, soiled paper products like pizza boxes and napkins, waxed cartons, yard waste, sawdust etc. NOT toilet paper, pet feces, cigarettes, carcasses, glass, plastic etc


  • A Household Hazardous Waste Day will be held annually in the fall. Store your hazardous waste in a safe place until it can be disposed of safely on this day.What is hazardous waste?
    Paints, thinners and solvents, cleaning products, pesticides, aerosol cans, motor oil, antifreeze, rechargable batteries, smoke alarms, fluorescent lights and some personal care items are examples of common hazardous materials found in homes.


  • Thanks to funding from the Community Development Fund and the City of Dawson, CKS has been able to build a small addition onto the downtown depot.  With the extra space created, we are now able to offer paper recycling to individual households!  Please bring us your white, mixed, and news paper for recycling.